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Rotting from Within

How Long will it take him? You beat that dog mercilessly every day. but how long do you think it’ll take him to realize the beatings will not stop? The beatings will continue. The boss doesn’t want begging dogs, plus there’s no effort to reward, yet he still wants the dog to perform all his tricks and learn new ones. it’s in his nature for the dog to even question his actions and wonder to himself if he’s causing all this pain to himself, irrationally trying to justify the amount of pain he receives to protect the ones he loves. Yet still, The dog is loyal, he suffers in silence because he cares too much. He’s always there. He finds the darkest place he knows, he asks himself how long will it take him? How long will it take him before he realizes the beatings will not stop? he then looks up, and maybe once, just this once, he’ll finally stand up for himself and bite back. Because he knows there’s nothing to lose. what’s the worst thing that could happen? He knows a beating will soon follow, and beatings are all he knows. The cold outside is not as cold as how he feels within. He’s now immune to physical pain. But Its what’s inside.. What’s inside that’s rotting him. rotting him from within.


He built a box, and she painted our last initial and their wedding date on it. They put in two unread love letters to each other about why they fell in love, a nice bottle of wine from the year they started dating, and nailed the lid on the box. They promised that if things ever get too hard and their love starts to fade, they will open the box, drink the wine, and read the letters they wrote to each other, reminding them of how much their love means and to never give up.

I LOVE this.

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